Tarot With Fawn


I read either one, three, or ten cards during a session. One card for the brave minimalist. Three illuminates past, present, and future. Ten creates an entire story: past, present, future, subconscious and conscious desires, hopes, dreams, family, and friends.

I would love to read your cards

I use the Wild Unknown deck illustrated by Kim Krans. This deck is contemporary, and is filled with flora and fauna. I find the cards to be especially helpful for those cloudy moments in life: too many choices, lack of focus, indecision.

Tarot is a non-judgemental perspective on life through archetypes, nature, and numbers.

Contact me for more information.

See you soon,
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Fundraiser for Yoga Therapy Certification.

Take a peek at my fundraiser, or simply watch the video!
2014 started with a bang as I embarked on the next level of my formal yoga education with a 500-Hour Certification Program at The DAYA (Delivering Accessible Yoga Alternatives) Foundation. Already my mind is blown! I am excited to refine my teaching style into a more holistic offering, and this is THE program. It lasts 1.5 years and covers the latest scientific evidence on mindfulness and Physical Therapy, as well as Yogic philosophy and Ayurveda. I am so honored to be a part of this prestigious program, and to become a Yoga Therapist.

If you can, please give to my tuition campaign. My perks are local, and definitely put the FUN in fundraising. It's my investment in you guys, my beloved community.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

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Gorgeous Mama Pregnancy Guide Part II

beauty+self care+comfort

It can be challenging to feel gorgeous while pregnant and afterward, so here are some ideas to take care of mama.
vintage bandana dress with wedding band around my neck.
1. massage/acupuncture/facial/pedicure treatments monthly: for the locals try LMT Brigitte Kranabitl who unlike other practitioners props you from underneath for a belly-down treatment, rather than the lame side-lying position that only gets one side of your body; Zenana Spa for a non-toxic pedicure or an amazing facial with Sarah; Alma Midwifery for education and resources from childbirth to infant CPR.

2. coconut oil: not only for cooking french toast! Use for dry skin, and for every baby rash imaginable. Wonderful for cradle cap and baby acne too.

3. dresses- I am a firm believer that cute dresses can change your outlook from crappy to sunny, especially true during pregnancy. Vintage empire waists work well, American Apparel stretchy ones in a larger size, H&M Maternity is trendy and cheap; check out Hatch and Boob for chic maternity and nursing clothing.

4. slightly larger shoes- men's sneakers are nice and wide, invest in comfy sandals, and casual but supportive flip-flops. 

5. skincare: your complexion might be redder than usual, so if you're a makeup wearer invest in a pro concealer or Hauska's tinted moisturizer.


1. seek counsel: make dates with other mama's to hear their perspective; find a therapist for one-on-one support; take a birthing class; interview practitioners and explore with them all possible outcomes during labor and delivery; make sure you have a few resources for the postpartum period. In Portland Wendy Foster is the postpartum fitness guru, so put a gift certificate on your registry for classes with her!

2. bond with your partner: you know what works better than I. Do those things. Especially sex.

3. watch videos and read books of births: online repository of various types of labor and delivery, read anything by Ida May Gaskin.

4. research practitioners for whole family wellness. So many great practitioners in Portland!

5. Home Support: A diaper service is totally recommended for the 1st 6 months: locally owned/operated Tidee Didee has been in business forever; Honest Company is a low-impact, disposable option. A housecleaner is great, whether it be a relative or a Doula. In case you get home, want to breastfeed, and have a problem Meg Stalnaker will come over and spend time with your family before giving recommendations. Make a food registry/meal plan for 90 days (at minimum). We used MealBaby.com.

For more tips, see Part Un... and stay tuned for Part troi! xoxo
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